Design and Technology


We specialize in custom cores, so every customer can have a unique core configuration to tell their story. By using materials like carbon, cork, paulownia, bamboo, poplar, honeycomb, and titanium you are sure to get a core that will take your board or ski to the next level in weight reduction and performance. We don't just adjust the thickness of the core to customize the flex. We engineer laminate placement to improve the strength and ride of the board or skis.


With years of experience in every style of board and ski, we know each board and ski needs a profile that exemplifies the shape plus flex and we specialize in micro adjustments needed for each core and construction.


Material selection is crucial, we just stick with the best.
Fiberglass: Light weight, high stitch count triax for more pop and less weight
Pre-Cured Carbon Fiber: We use uni 0 axis, triax and 0/90 all pre-cured to increase response
Rubber/VDS: 3 layers to maximize bonding and to add smoothness to the ride
Sidewalls: PU, Sintered P-tex, bamboo and any configuration of these for the ultimate ride and added strength vs ABS
Edges: 48 Rockwell Hardness and we use 40 Rockwell Hardness for more rail oriented boards/skis
Bases: P-tex 4000 and Electra the best sintered bases available and we use a special super hard extruded when requested
Epoxy: Formulated with elastomers(rubber) and zero VOC's. More pop, longer lasting, better bonding and super smooth ride


Every board and ski is pressed for a complete cure cycle and is cooled inside the press through a cold press cycle to lock the board into its proper shape and keep any of the materials from warping or changing shape.


Finishing is often the most overlooked part, which is why you can feel diecuts, why you can see dry spots and why wax retention is short. A proper finish takes time, better to do many light passes than a couple really hard passes on the grinders. We specialize in many different grinds and having the smoothest diecut graphics you'll ever see. We top it off with ceramic disk finish for the edges for a mirror edge finish.


From Splitboard to Pow boards/skis to highend FS boards/skis, we offer our in house design services. With decades of experience with different shapes, we've quietly pioneered many sidecuts and camber/rockers. Since we ride ourselves, its easy to communicate your wishes, so sketch something up on a napkin, we'll handle the rest.


We offer multiple graphic options and procedures including sublimation, screenprintings, diecuts, printed veneers, water transfer graphics, direct digital print, glossy and matte lacquer all on a number of materials.

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